Colette Nicholls

John Perkins

Barbara McDonald

Holly Warnes


Indi Hawkes

S. R. Ford

Marcus Bekker


Jonathan Regester

many more new tracks to come from Natalie Hall , Dawnwind, Maria Barnet, & others
New track available to listen to by the McDonald-Perkins Band.
City Of Lies (Brat Pack Confidential)
inspired by the book by Steven Paul Davies and Andrew Pulver
can be heard atSoundclick.com
Natalie Hall track to be heard in new MTV series of 'Made'


Marie Elena (ep) Barbara McDonald & John Perkins
3 days without sleep or a cigarette - The Tulips
Face At The Window - Jonathan Regester
Dogs Of War - Artists Against War
Time Bomb (single) - NIXX
New York Kind Of Feeling (single) - John Perkins
Wings (single) - Barbara McDonald & John Perkins
That Was Then, This Is Now (ep) - Dawnwind
When It's All But Lost - S. R. Ford

Waiting For An Angel
Colette Nicholls

Madmen & Lovers
Barbara McDonald

Just A Little Mad
Barbara McDonald & JP

Best of Indi Hawkes &
The White Eagle Band

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