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About Herefordshire Transport Alliance

Herefordshire Transport Alliance has been formed by likeminded groups to promote better transport solutions. Hereford Transport Forum, Here For Hereford, Hereford Visions, It's Our County, and The Green Parties of Herefordshire along with other concerned members of the public have joined forces, while retaining their own group identities, to inform the public and to seek and promote better transport solutions.
This alliance is agreed that building more roads is only a solution of LAST RESORT.

The Department For Transport agree with us in their statements. None of the other solutions required by D.F.T. have been tried much less failed in the county.

Like you, we are completely disenchanted with the constant congestion and unfriendly state of our roads for all road users. (motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians alike) Years of failed schemes of more lights and other ironmongery have left a hole in the heart of city
in the shape of the A49 corridor.

If successful in bringing change to the current approach of building more roads and overstretching the infrastructure with more houses than our resources can support,
we would enable a more sociable interaction among all road-users.

If you agree with us please sign the petition here to stop the unnecessary destruction of grade one farmland, ancient woodlands, homes and livelihoods, with a road to nowhere (SLR) that will do nothing to relieve transport problems in Hereford.
We know this road is an excuse to unlock land.

We are stuck with a core strategy plan we would not endorse in any way,
but changes can still be made with your help.

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