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About Hereford Transport Forum

Having become completely disenchanted with the constant congestion and unfriendly state of our roads for all road users, (motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike) not just recently but over a long period of time, we had hoped for, and would still very much like to look at the possibility of undergoing a trial to switch the traffic lights off along the A49 Hereford City central corridor (in effect, Asda/Belmont junction, Edgar Street and Victoria St). If successful it would enable a more sociable interaction among all road-users.

We met with Jesse Norman MP, two members of the Highways Agency and Martin Cassini in early December 2013 and it was agreed, during a conference call with Keith Firth of SKM Transport that a computer simulated trial would be the first step in this process. Jesse Norman and the HA agreed that they would look at carrying or procuring funding for the cost of the said simulation. If the numbers crunched on the micro-simulation work (used in Poynton first before the scheme there was implemented) we could then look at a real life trial.

Some plus points
1. It would not have cost Herefordshire Council, or you, a penny but the council cabinet took no interest.
2. While not being sure of all lights out our MP is on record as saying Edgar Street should have kept the feel of a 'street,' rather than that of a 'highway.'
3. The City Council generally supports our aims in the same manner and, on a show of hands in their planning committee, endorsed the idea of a trial..
4. The Highways Agency agreed to consider it fully if the 'political will' was forthcoming from our elected representatives, but of course it wasn't.
5. A micro-simulation would have been the first step.

Since that time many events have come along to change the outlook for the worse including a seriously flawed core strategy and plan for a southern link road to nowhere and to pave
grade one farmland to the south and west with tarmac and urban sprawl.  

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