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News & Reviews
It's a gentle, flowing album, with hushed vocals, rolling piano parts and hypnotic violin parts. Given the chance to breathe over the course of a full album, Ezekiel Butler's songs have the opportunity to really make their mark. You gain a greater familiarity with the sound, absorb the songs' flavours as they swish around your aural taste buds, and get a better sensation of the Ezekiel Butler experience as a whole. - In fact, even at twelve tracks, it still comes as something of a surprise when the album comes to an end: we were just getting comfortable. 'Old Song New Song' is a complex melding of the poignant (the "old song") and the optimistic (the "new song"). While the band is at pains to point out it's not quite a concept album, it's difficult not to think about the record in such terms. This is a well-crafted piece of musicianship. Ezekiel Butler have done themselves proud. - Stephen Morris BBC Introducing, Gloucester
Complete review at: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-15543299

Heart-warming, calm and melodic, Ezekiel Butler are one of the freshest things to come around, mixing elements of soul and bluesy riffs into something special. - Spoonfed, London Entertainment Guide -

Ezekiel Butler have a depth to them that just can’t be found in any other band I’ve heard lately - Iain Lee, Presenter for Absolute Radio, Formerly Virgin Radio

...in the vein of Cat Stevens and even Steely Dan. Smooth and a bit jazzy with Santana style guitar in places.- Bugbear Promotions - (Dublin Castle/Hope and Anchor)

Throughout Ezekiel Butler's output there are dual messages at work: things may be terrible at the moment, but there may just be some ray of light around the corner. Perhaps all is not lost after all.- BBC ‘Introducing’

"for all the sunny sounding harmonies, there lies just a little bit of darkness that gives the band an exra edge" - Stephen Morris, BBC Introducing.  




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