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About Us

Ezekiel Butler Biog.

It’s a stormy night on Minchinhampton Common in 1996. The lights form a blurry string of pearls through the caravan window and we sit around in the candlelight drinking wine and having a smoke with the hum of the generator still audible over the cd playing the soundtrack to Woodstock.

Is there anything better in the world than being the musical director of the best and most fashionable circus in the UK? Probably not but I’m about to find out.

In 2007 I made the most difficult and potentially disastrous decision of my career. I left Giffords Circus. I had been there since its creation in 2000 and had spent seven years in an amazingly creative environment and was used to living in a caravan out on the road. All of that was now finished.

Out of the frying pan……

Ezekiel Butler was born again. Not that it had ever been a band before. I stole the name from a gravestone in a churchyard in the village where I grew up.

I settled in Montpellier, Cheltenham with my wife Claire and started to put together the songs for an album.

After more than a few line-up changes we were out on the road playing gigs in London. We were headlining venues such as the ‘Hope and Anchor’ and the ‘Dublin Castle’. Here we met Philadelphia/Hereford based producer John Perkins, who immediately offered to produce an album with us and put it out through his label IMMG InterMet Records.

With the resulting album complete, we collaborated with ‘The Art of House’ to provide a visual aspect to our debut album, which includes a twenty page colour booklet containing photos and lyrics.

The album is ‘ Old Song, New Song’. A musical tapestry of life and memories over a ten year period.

Ezekiel Butler are:

Pete Sen: Vocals, Piano, Guitar.
Claire Sen: Vocals.
Robin Welch: Sax.
Andrew Manley- Guitar
Dan Whisby- Bass
Florin Werner- drums

If you know me, you’ve helped to shape this album. If you don’t, buy the album and get to know me and we’ll have a drink somewhere on the road.

Sign up and keep up to date with all that’s new and tour info.

Pete Sen

Pete Sen:
Piano, guitar and vocal

Claire Sen:
Robin Welch:
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