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Barbara McDonald.
Madmen & Lovers.
Barbara's Audio.
From The Ashez.
From The Ashez Music.
Abbie Blake.
Indi Hawkes.
Indi's Music.
Indi's Audio.
Ron Walton.
Maria Barnett.
Artists Against War.
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White Eagle Records
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On this page you will find many useful and fun links to other music sites and related arts sites plus search engines and other internet
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BBC ONLINE - keep up to date with the millennium music festivals at:
BBC Music Live

JUST PLAIN FOLKS a group of musicians, writers, music biz folks with one aim TO HELP EACH OTHER!!
Philadelphia Songwriters Association led by Vince James in Philly - same aim as just plain folks........

Froogle@google is another way to find music from this label:

Indi Hawkes & The White Eagle Band
Barbara McDonald

You can find any of the tracks that appear in our CDBaby Gallery from these great download sites.
Apple iTunes
E Music
Music Match
Audio Lunchbox
Buy Music
Catch Music
MSN Music Store
Sony Connect

Not forgetting CDs from our friends at


The President wants you to believe wolves are waiting in the woods to attack USA.
We got news for you
The wolves are already in The White House.
Free Download: Dear Mr. President
by Christene Le Doux a great place to buy CD's online by secure server.

WXPN 88.5
in Philadelphia
A wonderful radio station for those sick of top 40 playlist. Now online!
No radio ga ga here!!!

Visit Judie Tzuke to see a really beautifully laid out site and find great music, plus some lovely pics. Look out for her tour dates this autumn.

Net Music
Digital distribution

Indi Hawkes
& The White Eagle Band

Barbara McDonald

Other Digital music download outlets

Pure Tracks
Music Net
Rule Radio
True Independent

If you're in South America check out:

If you like WMA Format you can find a lot of our music at

So great new things are happening now, like the ability to download complete albums fully licensed (YES, LEGAL)


Every 30 seconds someone is dying of hunger

Two thirds of the world go to sleep (if they can) feeling hungry every night
The link above goes to THE HUNGER SITE. Click on that link and provide someone with food right now - IT'S FREE to you,
but your clicks can help save lives

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