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Artists Against War

In February 2003 a group of artists gathered
to have their say on the war on Iraq. This song
dates back to an earlier conflict but was written
in such a way that it could apply to any unjust
war of aggression.

Of course, we couldn't just put one song out
on a CD, and as there were some artists who
wanted to participate but were not available
at the time of the recording of 'Dogs Of War,' .
we have added ten tracks and made this a great
compilation album featuring a variety of
artists and styles.

Mission Accomplished?
Evidence from all the current newscasts makes
that famous battleship appearance by George W.
a total lie. Well, there's a surprise :-)
Well, at least with the sudden resurgence in
interest for this track (it has reached the top ten
on Soundclick's folk rock chart) the message is
getting out there on who not to trust as a

The track features Bo Walton, Indi Hawkes, S. R. Ford, Marcus Bekker, Steve Herbert, John Perkins, Michelle Gerrard, Colette Nicholls, Ron Walton, Derek Boase (lead guitar), Keith Hartland (bass) Jim Edgar (drums) and tracks were contributed by Barbara McDonald, Nixx, Natalie Hall among others.

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Artists Against War

Dogs Of War - Artists Against War
Little Piece Of Heaven (Acoustic version) - Barbara McDonald with John Perkins
In Memorium - Colette Nicholls
New York Kind Of Feeling  - John Perkins
Stop - Indi Hawkes & The White Eagle Band
What's Going On? - S. R. Ford
Treat You Like A Lady - Ron Walton
What Would Your Mother Say - NIXX
Waiting For An Angel - Colette Nicholls
Warmer - Jonathan Regester
Don't Kiss Heaven Goodbye - Vicky Murray Jones

DOGS OF WAR (Harflett/Perkins)
Originally recorded by the writers (Dawnwind) in 1975
for their 'Looking Back On the Future' album on Amron records.

I think I hear the dogs of war
Howling on the hill
And, though they say the world's at peace,
I hear them howling still.
Oh, the masters they are shrieking
and they shout in freedom's name,
Their words alone can never hide the bleeding face of pain
For our fathers died in freedom's cloak but the world remained the same.

For the armies they are marching to the beating of the drum
And the distant sound of thunder is telling us to come
But we have heard the message a thousand times before.
Will a million voices answer NO to the howling dogs of war?

Though they mock the dead with poppies, the ones who never went
And speak in shameful whispers, of the heroes who were sent.
Still the masters grew much richer, and the common man was slain
And now the curs are thirsting for o ur young men's blood again
For our fathers died in freedom's cloak but the world remains the same.

Speak not to me of glory, tell to me no lies
For the widows and the orphans are crying in your eyes,
And a dreadful toll of murder is lying at your feet,
and when your lives are ended, the armies you will meet.
And the ones you calmly slaughtered will be your judges then,
and your riches will not save you from the butchered sons of men.

One last footnote. This week we've seen the lowest of the low in attack ads. Sorry but we could no longer stay silent.
The President wants you to believe wolves are waiting in the woods to attack USA.
We got news for you. The wolves are already in The White House and you need to run them out!

Free Download: Dear Mr. President
by Christene Le Doux

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