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Garwood Mansion era

The 'chance' meeting of two American musicians on the Vietnam front, led to the formation of one of the most prolific jamming bands to emerge from the Detroit area during the revolutionary musical era of post Vietnam.

Detroitís historical and utopian Garwood Mansion was their homebase and creative haven during the mid 70ís. It became front page news as it embroiled the band in a string of turbulent events caused by a number of factors including local prejudice, greed, political dogma, drug busts, arrests, a shelved movie deal, the loss of their master tapes and home base, and ultimately, the collapse of the band.

Thirty years on, rescued demo tapes and hundreds of photographs taken by a diligent news photo-journalist, has re-inspired the creation of an authentic visual and musical chronical of the Band's struggle to live the American dream among 70's counterculture and in the wake of the Vietnam war.

Works in progress are in the form of Film Documentary, Photo Journal, CD and DVD. Watch this space for production and release updates.

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All photography by photo journalist John Collier and copyright John Collier/River Wye Productions

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