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Ain't Misbehavin' come from the lovely English county of Gloucestershire. Diane Atkinson (vocals, tenor and baritone sax, and flute) and Tony Sheppard (vocals, trombone and keyboards) teamed up to form a duo that could play a wide mix of jazz standards mixed with latin and African influences. Now they have recorded their first album for Sparkling Wine Records entitled Just In Time. It is a collection recorded thoughtfully with dancers in mind, as well as those who would just like to listen to great music. Containing a mix of well known standards alongside some less obvious choices than those found so often in this category, an hour just breezes by while listening to this CD.

Tony Sheppard is a well respected band leader in his native Gloucesthershire (UK) and his virtuosity on trombone and keyboards are well known.
Tony Sheppard

Diane's outstanding talents on both sax and flute have made her a much 'sought after' session musician, as is the case with Tony's talents on trombone and keyboards, both playing gigs in other bands of varying genres.
Diane Atkinson

Ain't Misbehavin

Those wishing to contact the duo for gigs should click here Ain't Misbehavin'

Streaming music samples ...

Straighten Up & Fly Right - Hi Fi
Straighten Up & Fly Right - Lo Fi
Tuxedo Junction - Hi Fi
Tuxedo Junction - Lo Fi
Wave - Hi Fi
Wave - Lo Fi
I Can't Get Started - Hi Fi
I Can't Get Started - Lo Fi
Sway - Hi Fi
Sway - Lo Fi

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