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Robin Welch.
Gill Paget-Davis.
The Weapons Factory.
Nu-Jazz Records

Debut release 'Sonata Improvisations' is available as a preview now from
along with the video below.

yes, Britain does really have talent and it doesn't all parade in front of Simon Cowell. :-)
Gill Paget-Davis is a very talented pianist with a wonderful sense of humour that swings somewhere between Monty Python and Victoria Woods. Here she is playing it straight and we hope people will appreciate the music.

Gill is making her first visit into the world of recording and releasing her creativity to great effect.. Robin is currently involved in live performance work with producer John Perkins, while also working on a docummentary film, book and audio CDs of legendary 70s Detroit jam band Stonefront, of which he was member.

Gill Paget-Davis

Gill Paget-Davis, Robin Welch and JP

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