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Natalie Hall

Singer/songwriter, actress, dancer

Natalie's first experiences of the music biz, and recording in particular, came when she became a member of The Tulips. Their album is still available at

Since they disbanded (all were going off to colleges in different locations) Natalie has been through a performing arts course at University and now returned to begin her music career in earnest.

The Journey was recorded just before she left for University and is very different from her contributions to The Tulips.
More like an Enya track with edge to it, she embraces African and classical influences while maintaining her own path, ending up with a more 'new age' sound than Indie pop.
This track was picked up by MTV for a series of 'Made.'

Now she's back in the studios working on an album project and singing live with her new band and already hit the adult contemporary chart at Soundclick with ANGEL, REMOTE CONTROL and THE WALL.

Listen to her music online and buy now:
Natalie Hall on SOUNDCLICK.COM

Natalie Hall

Natalie Hall

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