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McDonald-Perkins Band

Barbara McDonald and John Perkins have so many musical influences in their armoury that they don't always want to stick to a single genre. That would be their idea of prison, so to enable them to experiment without upsetting their usual singer/songwriter fan base they have formed the McDonald-Perkins Band.

The band has already had chart success on the internet with songs ranging in genre from 'country rock' to retro 80's with a modern edge.

The latter being the genre of their internet chart success with 'City Of Lies (Brat Pack Confidential)' a track co written with their friend Phil Watts and inspired by the book Brat Pack Confidential by Steven Davies and Andrew Pulver.

Check out 'City Of Lies' (Brat Pack Confidential) on our page at
or listen to this Podcast

Play 64 Crayons Lo-Fi
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Thanks go to Jill Sansores for the new photos.

They have since had a hit with their original version of 'Instead Of Saying Goodbye' and now they return to top the charts with the song they recorded for the soundtrack of a movie called 'Portraits Of Sari.' The movie stars Ryan Windish and Kristen Hermes and premieres in November.

The song, '64 Crayons' can be heard at their MySpace page or purchased from our store as a download at store

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