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Much has changed in the world since the launch of this group of labels covering many genres,
and now the internet video capabilities of the internet have expanded, so are we expanding into more aspects of music media.

Natalie Hall's track called 'The Journey' has been picked up by MTV and 'City Of Lies (Bratpack Confidential) from The McDonald-Perkins Band made it into the power pop chart at
Barbara McDonald and John Perkins finally have their 'Chasing The Sunset' album near completion.
A track from that album has a live performance premier on BBC TV in UK.

McDonald-Perkins Band have recorded a track called '64 Crayons' for the end titles sequence of an independent movie called 'Portraits Of Sari' directed by Dan Magro and starring Ryan Windish and Kristen Hermes. They hit the #1 spot on AAA chart.
Have a look at the trailer below.

NEW!! single by Ezekiel Butler as a preview to their album ... 'Chelsea Calling'selling out at gigs and now available as download single.
NEW!! Commercial release of album by Catrin O'Neill coming soon. Festival (limited) edition available at her festival gigs.

A video was recorded during winter 2007-8 for the homeless by John Perkins and Roger Toye .... see the video here...
Song now available as audio download from Soundclick.


and you can check out further videos on our new video channel at You Tube


3 days without sleep or a cigarette - The Tulips 
New York Kind Of Feeling (single) - John Perkins 
Wings (single) - Barbara McDonald & John Perkins 
When It's All But Lost - S. R. Ford 
64 Crayons by McDonald-Perkins Band can be purchased as a single download at our store
In fact nearly all the output from this label can be bought at our soundclick pages by clicking on the $ sign next to the tracks on each of our pages.

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