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Portraits Of Sari
Barbara McDonald & John Perkins recently completed recording a song for
the end title sequence of an independent movie called Portraits Of Sari,
directed by Dan Magro and starring Ryan Windish and Kristen Hermes.
The song, '64 Crayons' in the words of director Dan Magro is
'a direct parallel of the movie,' in it's meaning.

Portraits behind the scenes ...

More on the film, it's story, cast, crew and director, can be found at
Special thanks to Val for those wonderful backing vocals with JP, Jimmy on drums, Jim in Richboro, PA and Adrian in Hereford, UK for their technical help in engineering, so Barb & JP could concentrate on the music. JP then mixed and performed all the post production with Barb. Thanks too to Dana, the very talented and skilled music supervisor for the film.

The song, '64 Crayons' can also be heard at their MySpace page.
Thank you for supporting independent artists everywhere.

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