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InterMet Records
John Llewellyn-Perkins

Co-writer/producer, John Llewellyn-Perkins has been in the music business for many years
and has worked in close association with many artistes on his four record labels.
Most notable bands he's been part of include The Romantics, Pure Silk, along with Indi Hawkes
& The White Eagle Band.

John is originally from Hereford but like many he moved away to the big cities out of
necessity "My first professional music years" says John, "were spent in Dawnwind with co-writer
Jon Harflett, and we were under the same management as groups like Blonde On Blonde and
UFO and eventually released an album called "Looking Back On The Future" on the Amron label - now
listed in Record Collecters Guide at $105 (Shame we're not getting the money)."

Around that time (1976) he met and teamed up with his now long time friend and singing
partner Vicky Murray Jones and initially went through some name changes and varying line ups
before recording as Pure Silk and the resulting single was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in 1984,
which got airplay on many stations in the UK.
In 1990 he teamed up with Vicky's son Simon and his own sons to form The Romantics
(European version - unaware of the American band with same name) and the album Mon Amie
spawned a single "Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder" which got airplay all over Europe,
most notably on BBC Radio One, and other BBC Network stations in Scotland and Ireland,
and Atlantic 252 along with lots of local stations".

Then followed a spell where that band became inactive and John worked mostly in the studio
'til he met up with Indi Hawkes. The White Eagle Band was born, alongside the album "Beyond The
Plains" which he co-wrote with Indi and produced."We began gigging" John continues, "with me taking
Indi to the Fete de la Musique in Paris - France to make her debut and the result was a number of
radio and festival appearances".

Then another Romantics single & video followed called "The Wonder Behind Your Eyes" but this time
with only two (Simon and John) on the road. He explains, "In a rest from that, I begun compiling tracks
I had written for an album with the working title "Lonely Heart", but hit on the idea of using versions
recorded by the various friends who had covered my songs to become a various artistes
compilation album."

Then John & Barb met on the internet....and they are now on their 17th year, and recently they recorded
a song for a movie that enjoyed more success for them.

Alongside this John has continued production work with other artists in the IMMG roster
including Ain't Misbehavin' with Diane Atkinson and most recently with Robin Welch, Catrin O'Neill,
Ezekiel Butler, From The Ashez, Natalie Hall, Shari Wilson-Cole and Sean Saye..
Having been working on celtic music in recent years John in recent years has recognised
his roots and started using one of his family names.

Buy his download singles at CDBaby
and his collaboration with Natalie Hall Here

John Perkins
John Llewellyn-Perkins pictured at a festival in 2013

John is equally at home in the studio

John Perkins

John appears in these videos

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