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Holly Warnes

A singer/songwriter second to none……….

Imagine Janis Ian, Suzanne Vega and Joni Mitchell rolled into one and you still won't have reached the essence of this wonderful and previously unknown talent.

Holly Warnes steps across the Transatlantic divide with consummate ease, having grown up in Herefordshire (UK) and spent long summers in California.

With a background that is steeped in great music, all those influences are brought to the presentation of her own, seemingly timeless, songs.

Check out her music online:
Holly Warnes on SOUNDCLICK.COM

Holly Warnes
Some quotes already gathered from those who have heard her!!..

"like a breath of fresh air" - S. R. Ford

"Such a beautiful clear voice. I hear shades of Sandy Denny. Can't wait for her album." 
- Ken Hartland, ISA Magazine contributor.

We invite you to judge for yourself by following the link to her music on

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