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Double Thumb

Double THumb (aka Val Del Prete) is a singer, songwriter,
producer and sound engineer. Born in Italy, her talent was
evident when she was just 3 years old and she could already
play the piano by ear and sing with perfect pitch. Strongly
influenced by diverse artists like Bjork, Cocteau Twins,
Emilie Simon, her music is at the one time sensual and
melancholic, ethereal and raw, characterized by complex and
heart-felt lyrics, haunting vocal layers and ambient sounds.

"Words are important in my songs. They often come with the
melody and they often come unwanted, as in a stream of
consciousness. I don't try to tell a story, but rather to
suggest a mood, an emotion. I tell people not to try and
understand my lyrics, but just feel them, as with a poem"

"I think music is about having something to say, and to say
it clear and loud. I hate what is going on in the music
industry nowadays. There are too few credible artists and
too many disposable pretty puppets in the hands of 1 or 2
producers. I don't try to conform to their criteria to be
just a manufactured product. My music is about the rawness
in me and it comes from a very secret corner inside me.
I have to be myself, or I won't be at all. "

Listen to the music online:

She can also be found on

Double Thumb

Double Thumb - Nocturne

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