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Barbara McDonald

Following the favorable reviews for her debut album (see her page at White Eagle Records) Barbara and her British partner John Perkins have continued recording songs for a follow up album which will be much more focused in the singer-songwriter mould. It's title track 'Chasing The Sunset' was written while they were journeying back and forth to promote the first album.

In 2000 Barb & JP, as we call them here, travelled to Nashville to record with the outstandingly talented Andrew Gold. The result was the hit track Marie Elena, which has topped several internet charts and to this day is still appearing on charts at various sites.

Following the internet success they released the track as a radio single and it has achieved airplay on both sides of the Atlantic, most notably on BBC Radio 2 in the UK and being selected as pick of the day on several occasions at WXPN (NPR from University Of Pennsylvania).
It is with great sadness that Barbara McDonald & John Perkins announce the passing of friend ANDREW GOLD the producer of our internet hit 'Marie Elena,' .
Apart from his undoubted talents, his humour and big heart will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

They have since followed up with other successes which include Barbara's 9-11 song Little Piece Of Heaven, along with Saving Grace, Wings and now the latest
track to hit the top of internet charts, '64 Crayons' recorded for the soundtrack of a movie called 'Portraits Of Sari.' The movie stars Ryan Windish and Kristen Hermes and premiered in November 2007.

Barbara McDonald

They have very nearly completed Chasing the Sunset
and it will be released soon, so they can begin working on their new material.
Watch this space for details.

You can find them on FACEBOOK and hear music from the album along with their McDonald-Perkins Band releases.
You can also find them at MySpace

You can also find info on the debut album

'Madmen & Lovers'

at our sister label (White Eagle Records) on this
site, and links to many sites where the album or
individual tracks can be purchased as downloads
are to be found on the music page, including iTunes


Where else to find her music

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