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Barbara McDonald .
Barbara's Music .
John Perkins.
McDonald-Perkins .
Portraits Of Sari.
Ezekiel Butler.
Shari Wilson-Cole.
Natalie Hall.
SwiTch .
Diane Atkinson.
Maria Barnet.
Dave Evans.
Sean Saye.
S. R. Ford.
The Tulips.
Double Thumb.
Double Thumb Videos.
Colette Nicholls.
Colette's Music.
Colette's Audio.
Crimson Glory UK.
Michelle Gerrard.
Jonathan Regester.
Chill 2 Thrill .
Lykke .
Holly Warnes.
Marcus Bekker.
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InterMet Records

Much has changed in the world since the launch of this youmg label
and it already seems like the label has been together much longer.

McDonald-Perkins Band have recorded a track called '64 Crayons' for the end titles sequence of an independent movie called 'Portraits Of Sari' directed by Dan Magro and starring Ryan Windish and Kristen Hermes. They hit the #1 spot on a AAA chart.
Have a look at the trailer below.

In fact nearly all the output from this label can be bought at our cdbaby pages by clicking on the cart sign in the player.

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