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You can now buy individual download tracks from our artist pages at using paypal, without having to join as a member,
Just click on the soundclick link from each of our artist pages and click on $ sign next to the track,

It is with great sadness that Barbara McDonald & John Perkins announce the passing of friend and the producer of our internet hit 'Marie Elena,' ANDREW GOLD.
Apart from his undoubted talents, his humour and big heart will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.
MARIE ELENA, produced by and featuring ANDREW GOLD is now available at store

NEW!! The Weapons Factory debut album is now available on CD and download at CDbaby, soundclick and iTunes - See the Millions video here.

Commercial release of album by Catrin O'Neill available NOW!!

Catrin O

Video for Ar Lan Y Mor by Catrin O'Neill

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Stonefront Download single now available at our
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Now you can find us on too. Come like our page

album price #
CATRIN O'NEILL: Nain's Kitchen $12.97
THE WEAPONS FACTORY: Millions $10.97
SHARI WILSON-COLE: Warrior Princess $12.97
PENNY WHITE: Penny White $3.85
HOWARD BRAGEN: Looking At Now Through Then $12.97
SEAN SAYE: Frozen Ground $12.97
BARBARA MCDONALD: Madmen & Lovers $10.00
COLETTE NICHOLLS: Waiting For An Angel $12.97
AIN'T MISBEHAVIN': Just In Time $12.97
THE TULIPS: 3 days without sleep or a cigarette $10.00
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